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Ah Smallville. The Clana is dead. Long live the...Clark/Lois? Clark/Oliver? The lack of Lana Lang? Didn't really think that statement through.

To start off with the most important thing: Oliver looked smokin' in his suit at the beginning. Very nice!

Secondly: Requiem. 1. Roman Catholic Church.
a. Also called Requiem Mass. the Mass celebrated for the repose of the souls of the dead.
b. a celebration of this Mass.
c. a plainsong setting for this Mass.
2. any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the repose of the dead.

Also, my understanding is that it's also an act or token of remembrance.

If this is Lex's final ending, I can live with it. Seriously, I can. This isn't the ending he 'deserved', this' the ending he earned. Brought low by physical infirmity and caught because by his paranoia and lack of trust, he well and truly earned it. The eye-camera thing in Tess, the blowing up of the board of directors, everything else that he's done has lead to this. His paranoia regarding his employees, the camera that let Lex constantly watch what the Toyman was doing, was what lead to him being caught.

Which all works for me mostly because here's the thing: I actually agree with what Oliver did. Lex had proven himself to be a man incapable of reform and a man who functioned outside the law. He was never going to be stopped and he was never going to be punished. Oliver did what he had to do and it's a horrible thing that he has to live with. I also honestly believe that Oliver would have lived with it alone, taken it to his grave, if Chloe hadn't pushed.

Don't have any issue with Lex's recasting for this episode either. Couldn't tell you why, I just don't. If it had been "Lex with plastic surgery" rather than "Lex covered with tubs and medical devices keeping him alive", I would have had a problem with it.

Honestly, when Chloe informed Clark that he was living in the past, that the Lex he (and us) used to know is gone, I half expected her to add Lana there as well. Even though she didn't, the scene, at least for me, was as much about Lana as it was about Lex. You're living in the past. You need to let go. Stop.

Lana going back to wearing the necklace sealed their fate, it really did. By the end of the episode, she's become the physical embodiment of Clark's weakness. What's interesting, her own weakness (which is her lack of self-worth), was what lead to it. If Lana thought more of herself, she wouldn't have felt the need to do this to herself. (No matter what happens in the future, for me Lana's death is always going to be inoperable cancer. Luther lost his hand in the comics, from wearing the Kyrptonite ring all the time, imagine how much worse it would be when you're radiating it from yourself.)

So...Lana checked every room in the building but not the roof? Right.

The tragic ending of Clana was always going to happen. Lex was willing to sacrifice a lot more than Lana would have to be powerful, surely, surely, surely, it's consequences (especially considering all the blathering about dangerous it is in the last episode) would be more severe than that.

This storyline was never going to end well but at least it's finally over. Honestly, I think once she started dating Lex was when it was really over which was when? Mid-season 5? There are some things that aren't forgivable, that linger in the back of the mind once the honeymoon period ends. They were never together long enough for then to get beyond the honeymoon phase.

The ending scene was really sold by both actors. Clana was never going to receive a mature ending because it wasn't a mature relationship, so it doesn't surprise me that they had a Big Tragic Ending.

I think that's all I have to say, lol. Shutting up now.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, obviously not fact. Feel free to disagree!

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