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Heroes has eaten my brain. Like, completely and utterly. Clearly, this' what happens when the tennis season finishes.

The Good
  • So Hiro was the one who gave Charlie the Japanese phrasebook? Nice bit of continuity, though if she leaves/dies then why didn't she recognise him? And if Hiro didn't give it to her, then who did? And why didn't she recognise him? Was she gone or dead after Hiro changes the past? Time travel gives me a headache.
  • Charli is so cute. It's very sad that she has to die. :(
  • Sylar's back-story was a nice touch. His preoccupation with being extraordinary - being contrasted to Peter's desire to be more than what he is as expressed in One Giant Leap - was nice, especially with the dream at the end.
  • Jackie's bitchiness and the connection with Brody and Lori from Collision was a nice touch. You see, continuity is not so hard when you try! Also, Jackie, when latching onto Claire's uniform, was almost psychotic when shrieking "Show it!" It was kind of freaky, a nice touch considering her later behaviour towards Claire.
  • So Niki is alcoholic? Interesting, though it's never been mentioned before I don't think and considering that she had champagne (did she drink it? I can't remember, she was holding it at least) in Collision when seducing Nathan.
  • The abusive father was interesting and it's nice to find who exactly Jessica is she really Jessica? Or does Niki suffer from Dissociative Personality Disorder and her power is something else? Come on, we're at least pretty much positive what everyone else's power is (Peter and Sylar being the exceptions but I doubt they'll completely de-murk what Peter's powers are until they de-murk Sylars and how he absorbs the powers of the heroes he kills) so just get on with it and explain it please.
  • "Ladies ten and a half" "You know the reason I became a nurse was to wear shoes like this, thank you very much"..."I told him it wasn't funny" Hee. Nathan being an arsehole is always fun but I like how cheerful he is about it pre-accident and pre-father's death.
  • I liked Mrs. Petrelli's treatment of Peter in this episode. "I have always wanted a nurse in the family. We have enough lawyers." It's nice to see someone in the family so show some support for Peter's choice though...I'll discuss the rest later.
  • The Petrelli boy touching. I felt like the relationship was warmer here, maybe because Nathan himself is warmer without actually being warm of course. :P Yeah, it's all kinds of wrong but still. It was a very nice scene even if you discount the boy touching and I liked Peter being the one telling Nathan not to go after their father and while the realism of having Nathan prosecute a man associated with his father is, I think, suspect (no pun intended) it's still a nice touch seeing Nathan get into bed with the guy (and Niki) in Collision.
  • Hiro calling himself was a nice touch.
  • "You're like a walking cliché." Hee. Also, bad adulterous man! I liked the connection to Matt's taking multiple detective exams etc. It's the little things.
  • So Hero can control certain aspects of his powers and not others? I suppose I can believe that. Freezing time must be easier than teleporting through it.
  • Parents suck, though the Petrelli parents more than most. Why doesn't Peter resent the hell out of his brother again? And Heidi referred to Peter as 'empathic'. Grammatically incorrect, but an anvil like clue?
  • I almost expected Peter to say "For you? Anything." When asked by Nathan to give a deposition against their father.
  • "My father didn't really give me a choice." Once again, more contrasts between Peter and Sylar. Peter did what he wanted to and Sylar did what his father expected of him. Nice. However, does not bode well for Peter in the long-term.
  • Claire practising her cheers was very cute. "I think I can't wait to go to my first game!" The scene was a nice father-daughter moment.

The Bad
  • Being without a flashback sequence doesn't bode well for Isaac and Simone. I wouldn't mind so much with Simone but I've grown fond of Isaac. I find it interesting that Eden got one, even if they were connected to Claire's dad and Matt.
  • We still don't have a name for Peter and Nathan's father. Not a huge problem I guess but it bugs me a little.
  • So Peter's only been a nurse for six months? This, for me, comes out of the blue. Maybe I'm a little annoyed at being Jossed but it's also that Peter's 30 in Genesis so he's 29 here (at the youngest) so he's flitted from job to job or lived off his father's money for quite awhile. I would think that it would take longer than six months for Nathan to decide that Peter's going to stick with it this time around and to start harassing him about it surely. Or maybe I'm just annoyed at being Jossed. :P

The Ugly
  • Continuity. Come on, guys, it's easy enough to do. Have a board or something with the little details on it. I really doubt Peter was 300 miles away when the accident occurred as he states himself in Genesis.
  • Okay, so Nathan wanted to prosecute Linderman and then he didn't because his father did what he had to do protect his family and Peter could never understand that (despite Peter discouraging Nathan was prosecuting in the first place) and then he was going to again and then his father dies and he decides not to again. Huh?
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