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I wrote the review as I watched so it's ramble-y and stuff. Also, typically wordy. Obviously, spoilers abound.

Review of 817, Hex )
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I'm a bit nervous about this honestly. It's unbeta'd but I have read through it several times so...anyway, here we go.

Title: Be Right Back
Author: Calcus
Characters/Pairings: Clark Kent/Oliver Queen
Word Count: 1588
Rating: PG, PG-13 at the most.
Warnings: Slash? That’s pretty much it. A little angst as well.
Spoilers: …None, I think.
Summary: Clark prepares to leave for the Arctic for his training and he and Oliver have a parting conversation.
Author's Notes: This was written before Requiem aired so it has certain references to Lana that don’t make a lot of sense in context. Presume that, in the long term, it all ends up more like Wrath than it did in the short term. Or that some episodes didn’t happen. Either way. Haven't actually decided yet.
Author's Notes 2: This’ part of a series that I’m in the process of writing, so some events that are referenced in this didn’t occur on the show. Just so you know. This’ the first in said series.
Author's Notes 3: The last one, I promise. Unbeta'd, so if you catch any errors, then please point them out. :) Crossposted all over the place.

Be Right Back )
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Ah Smallville. The Clana is dead. Long live the...Clark/Lois? Clark/Oliver? The lack of Lana Lang? Didn't really think that statement through.

814, Requiem )
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Title: Notice
Author: Calcus
Pairings/Characters: Clark Kent (Superman), Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Rating: PG for death
Warnings: death fic, pre-slash
Spoilers: Immediately Post-Infinite Crisis, with Kon having only very recently died. I'm afraid I don't know a huge amount about what happened immediately after Infinite Crisis. I know the basics and I've read through Wiki but please forgive any mistakes. :)
Disclaimer: I own nothing etc.
Summary: Superboy changed all our lives. Clark, post-Infinite Crisis.
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] breakfastserial, who gave me the prompt and was awesome enough to read through it and hold my hand afterwards. :P

Notice )
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Heroes has eaten my brain. Like, completely and utterly. Clearly, this' what happens when the tennis season finishes.

Discussion of Heroes 1.10 Six Months Ago (Spoilers!) )
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My (spoiler laden) Casino Royale review. Warning: Obnoxiously long and occasionally just straight-up obnoxious. Feel free to skip. :P

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23 Grey's Anatomy
52 The West Wing
30 BtVS/Angel
24 Firefly

I'm going to do a tennis post later in the week. :)

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